Grow Your Staff
Client: Grow Your Staff
Role: Brand Design, Web design, Web Development,
Tools used: Adobe XD for designs, Adobe XD for prototyping, WordPress for Development


Grow You Staff helps businesses scale quickly by building highly effective offshore teams in India. They were growing fast, but needed a more impactful digital presence. We gave them a brand overhaul and a powerful new website.

Digital Brand Design

The repeating dots in the lettermark call to mind growth and multiplicity, while the radial symmetry is pleasing to the eye at any scale and evokes a sense of balance and unity. The striking and powerful red is harmonized by a deep shade of calming blue. The title font, Cabin, is a humanist typeface with just enough personality to be interesting, but professional.


Cabin 700 for Headings

Cabin 500 for sub headings

Lato 400 for body text

Brand Colors


Mobile Optimized Design

With the understanding that target customers and users are a mobile-first demographic, we designed the website to look and function beautifully on any device. The experience is as rich and immersive on a mobile device as it is on a desktop. Text, graphics, and forms are fine-tuned at several break points for an optimal user experience across any screen size.